Mrs Laura Miller MBiol, PG Dip Nutrition and Dietetics, RD

Speakers Profile:

 Mrs Laura Miller is a haemato-oncology specialist dietitian working at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH). She has 11 years clinical experience in the NHS, her main clinical and research interests include the nutritional management in HSCT including metabolic and nutritional prehabilitation, GI complications of treatment and the impact of body composition on chemotherapy. 

She is currently working as a project manager on the Macmillan Nutrition innovation in Cancer Project at NUH at 2 year service improvement programme looking at ways of integrating nutrition into cancer pathways and the use of technology to advance nutritional practises. This also includes a research study on Nutrition Health Literacy and its impact on accessibility and use of nutrition information during cancer treatment and the evaluation of nutrition and metabolic components of ERAS programmes in oncology surgical pathways. She is a research associate for the Nottingham BRC and workstream member of the NIHR Nutrition and Cancer Collaboration.